Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Being cool

I have been watching more of this season's big brother TV program. I don't always watch with the sound on, because I am not that interested in what they are saying. I can't help feeling this is the cool crowd -- that I was never allowed to join. I was never that interested in that type of crows and they never noticed me. One male contestant said to another "what were your first impressions of me?" When I was younger I would have said "I thought you were a dick," and then hope they didn't ask "so what do you think of me now?", because the wrong answer to that type of question tends to sour friendships. In a book on soft computing issues, it noted that it takes a lot of work to be cool and this doesn't leave time for much else. This strikes me as true from the small amount of time I have watched big brother. Anyway beeing cool takes work. In my new flat, I having to decide what DVDs stay in boxes and what gets put on shelves. I find that I am choosing titles that in my opinion my impress someone. (It is clear that "the toxic avenger" and "the killer nun" DVDs are not going to make any vistor think I am a cool cat. Here is a quick list of cool DVDs: 1 "Battle Royale" (kids killing kids in this game) 2) "Memories of murder" ( great Korean police story. I didn't understand the end) 3) "Violent Cop" (The cop in question is a total nutter, but I am trying to walk the same way as him). 4) "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" (stylish Korean film) 5) "Audition" (insanity on film. I never date womwn who have been involved in ballet because of thuis film). 6) "Babycart at the river Styx" (This film convinced me that one day I could become a parent. looks easy enough). 7) "Unforgiven" (There is just something I like about this film, even though it is not as intense as the asian stuff.) 8) "Shaolin soccer" (The greatest film about football ever made).