Sunday, June 18, 2006

Glasgow barfly

I went out to the Glasgow barfly on Friday night. It is different to the Liverpool barfly because in Glasgow the bands play downstairs, while in Liverpool they play upstairs. Although going to the barfly is meant to be about seeing new cutting edge bands, perhaps the venvues should all be exactly the same. Brand management and all that. Anyway I drank way too much, so getting home was a bit of a challenge. If people want to know what living in Glasgow is all about then I can say that it involves going up and downstairs. This is reelated to the barfly post, because as usuall going to the toilet involves going up two flights of stairs. I don't think I have been up and down so many stairs before I came to Glasgow. Perhaps, the scots like to relive their highland past lives. I think they have taken in very hard that Scotland are not in the world cup. So we all have to go up and down stairs os that the Scotish team can qualify in 2010 for the world cup. The band I went to see called "Vincent Vincent and the villans". Can't say they did much for me. Perhaps, the beer and stairs had done me in.