Sunday, June 25, 2006


It is becoming clear to me that I am not going to win the nobel prize in physics, so I am going to have to rethink my career path. However, I dco think that it is possible to win templeton prize.
The Templeton Prize is awarded each year to a living person to encourage and honor those who advance spiritual matters, including research in love, creativity, purpose, infinity, intelligence, thanksgiving and prayer.
The prize is worth over a million dollars. Jesus, I could party, drink lots of fancy liqueur, and get the pick of many women with that kind of money. I like the idea of travelling first class. The stewardess would say, "more wine? Oh the wine is a bit cloudy. I will open another bottle for you." I would graciously reply ", thanks there are some Profs. in the economy class. Perhaps you could let them have the cloudy wine in a plastic cup." I have the humlity and humanity to win the prize I just need some angle to jump over the opposition. Umm, this is going to be a tougher than I thought. I only go to church for funerals. Hopefully, people close to me will not all start dying so that I don't become a regular attender. The only time recently I have felt spirtual is when I am holding a sword. One problem is that the templeton might see this blog entry and think that my reasons for winning the prize were not hounourable. I might be OK, because I doubt that I will get the money, until I am fifty. But I have to start to thinking about this now. I have read "Confessions: Confessions of St.Augustine". St Augustine liked to party and had a mistress, before he was saved by christanity. He seemed quite a fun guy before he entered the church. If the Templeton foundation see this entry, I will just say, I was lost then, drinking too much (oh busted) and depressed (sad but true). But I have chnaged, because I have seen the light. It might work. It is what everyone else does.