Tuesday, June 13, 2006

my football song

As football fever sweeps the nation I can now releal that I too have an idea for a football song, even though I know next to nothing about the game. Also I don't actually have any lyrics-- just a concept or two. This football song is sung like a captain beafheart or the fall. The song starts with me rambling on that "Liverpool needs to be united.". "There can only be one". So that is the idea behinf verse 1. Verse 2 offers a solution. "I am going to burn down Goodison Park" to help Liverpool unity. " I repeat this a couple of times. This is the second verse. Then the third verse gets a bit clever. I sing about how some nice scousers take me in their car to the ground with a boot full of petrol. The journey takes 40 minutes. I burn the stadium down. Verse 4 starts with me getting up the next day. In fact, I had been tricked and I had accidently burnt down Old Trafford instead. The song ends with the happy people of Liverpool being united by the scorched ground of arch rivals of Man United. Even sitting in a third floor flat in Glasgow 200 miles from Liverpool, I can't help feeling that I would get beaten up when I start to sing the seond verse. Fair enough I suppose, but Liverpool is meant to be the capital of culture. It would make a chnage to another boy meets girl type of song.