Wednesday, June 07, 2006

last templar

I am slowly reading a bokk called "the last templar". This is yet another book about the templar knights. I can't tell whether the hidden templar treasure is about the secret blood line of Jesus or some hidden treasure. Anyway it is an exciting read. It is better written that the de vinci code, but that is not so hard. I am not so sure wht I am readin yet another book about this tired subject. The gnostic spirit used to be an important part of the books written by Lawrence Durrel. It is also the theme of the books like the subtle knife. Both those types of book are well written. Also I don't have a lot of interest in the scret blod line of Jesus, but I have liked the idea that the universe was made by the devil, while god was not looking. This is also part of the Templar canon of bullshit. Umm, I can see an idea for my own brand of badly written blockbuster... A bit of theology, and a lot of sex and killing.