Monday, June 12, 2006

my Glastonbury Glasgow experience

The West End festival started on Saturday. As this is near my new HQ, I went down to watch the parade. It was a nice sunny day, as this is fairly unusual for Glasgow, Bryer's Rd was packed with happy smiling people. I wasn't really in the mood for a great crowd of joy filling the streets. I tried to get into the spirit of thing, by eating a burger. I could have murdered a beer, but alas there were no beer tents. I could have gone to the supermarkets for beer, but it didn't seem like. I missed most of the bands playing too, because I didn't see the signs until I had escaped the crowds. It may appear that I am some kind of miserable git, but I had to go so that I could listen to the feakzone on radio6 music. This week the show was about krautrock. This is some kind of late 80's German thing. I wasn't really enjoying the music until Julian Cope came on and played some tracks. What a clever chap. He had written a book on Krautrock. He did say it was not available in the UK. I thought I could get a copy from amazon for under a tenner, but the reviewer kindly pointed out that this was the German translation. The English is version is selling for 140 pounds. I couldn't find some of the bands featured on the show, such as cam?, speend?, and scorpions??. The band "cam" were apparently a big influence on the happy mondays. Anyway, why would I want to stand in the bright blazing sun with the masses, when I could be at home listening about obscure German bands, that no one I will ever meet will have heard of?