Monday, June 19, 2006

The last templar

My faith in satire is shaken. Even the southpark movie could not stop the second gulf war. The fantastic book Focault's Pendulum by Umerto Eco did not stop the templar rollercoaster of crap books. I finished "the last templar" over the weekend. It was a page turner as we say, and much better than any Dan Brown stuff, but still I did wonder how I ended up buying the book, (Ok, it was advertised very high up on the amazon home page). I liked the pre-ending where they were at rest on a small island, but I didn't see the need for another chase scene. Also, the hidden templat document was lost to the world, because the "heroine" wanted to marry the catholic FBI agent. What about the truth? It also shows a fairly deep lack of understanding of the academic world. As long as they wrote their papers in journals, rather than calling press conferences. No one would have noticed. I have read what the king of France wrote about the templars when he started to lock them up. I thought it was very funny and over the top in a camp sort of way. My own book on the templars is based on the phrase "as drunk as a templar. The secret documents of the templar knights will be their bar bill (that is where all the money went) and a line of very twisted sex toys. I like the idea of the two scholars looking at the diagram in the secret templat document, that six people have died trying to find, and saying "but what is it for", while their street savy guide giggles. I was planning to have a gullible American author, perhaps called Han Grey, get confused and believe everything told him. But, the sex toy angle? Opus Dei. Perhaps I have misjudged the great man. (I don't want to get sued).