Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Johnny Cash

I have always liked Johnny Cash. I am an outlaw after all. However, the American recordings were so awesome, that I had to own all of them. Trouble after the film last year Cash was everywhere. OK, everywhere might be going a bit far, but they always seemed to be playing Cash in the DVD section of Virgin in Liverpool. Cahs used to sing to me personally, as I sat in the semidarkn gloom of my flat. His broken old voice soaring above the slow rythmic clicking as I opened and closed a lock knife with one hand. My other hand being on whisky duty. Anyway I am tempted out Cash CD buying retirement by the release os some of Cash's last recordings before he died. The new CD is "A Hundred Highways: American V" The trakc they played this morining sounded good, though his voice is more broken tha before. The CD is released on Monday. I probably will not get it then.