Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Templeton prize URGENT

I have just seen the rules for the Templeton prize. Nominations are due on July Ist. That is this Saturday! Too much to do before then. Oh well, I am at the start of a ten yera campaign to win this thing. Looking at the procedure: Nominators should consider that the Templeton Prize is not awarded for good works per se, but for originality in advancing ideas and institutions that have deepened the world's understanding of God and of spiritual realities. The Prize judges will ask:
[1] What has this person done that was entirely original? [2] Was this contribution primarily spiritual rather than primarily humanitarian? [3] Did this unique contribution result in an appreciable acceleration in spiritual discoveries?
I have invented spin theology. That is very original. So I will have point 1 covered. What the fuck does point 2 mean? My guess is that you don't get thuis prize if you a good person, by giving to charity or working in soup kitchens. That would be regarded as "humanitarian". So I have to continue being mean and self centred, but I just have to cultivate my spirtuality. No problem, if I wanted to help the world, I would be trying for a Nobel peace price , just like Blair did when he ordered the invasion of Iraq. I will have point 3 covered because in 2000 years theology has achieved nothing. Just a bunch of old people trading quotes and insight they gained while they had a good crap. Spin theology will allow theology to be discussed on a scientific level. So progress will be much quicker. I can almost taste the cash.......