Sunday, June 18, 2006

I am such a faker

After proudly telling people how many boxes I needed to move my books from Liverpool to Glasgow, I find that I have filled one bookshelf with unread books. I did know that I hadn't finished many books, but in my shappy flat in Liverpool, the unread books were scattered over the various piles of read books. It just looks so bad when I have a large bookshelf full of unread books, starting down at me and judging me when I open a beer or watch a DVD. I am such a faker on the book front. Also, the cult band the nightengales played on 31st May in Liverpool. If I had been more organised, I would hgave arranged things so that I could have seen them on the last night I was in Liverpool. But alas, I lacked comittement to the cause. The nightengales were a very important late 70s and early 80s band that John Peel supported. I recently got nightengales CD at the same time as I got the artic monkes latest. I mostly played the nightengales. I am a faker on the music front. When I was in Glasgow to looks for a flat, I could have arranged things to see the film about daniel johnston, but went for a curry instead. Lack of comittment again. I am an all round faker.