Sunday, June 25, 2006


This digital radio thing has been a revelation. I never thought I would ever listen to music radio again when John Peel died. Although in the last years of the John Peel show I didn't listen much because the show was at the time I was watching TV/DVD in a booze addled haze. So when I found radio6 I was amazed. I could listen to a music show at breakfast without wanting to vomit or burn down the radio station. Top of the pops is gone, all we need now is get rid of radio 1, and its clutch of Moyles like tossers. I like most of the shows on radio6, except the one by Russell Brand. He just annoys me in a way. Somehow he should be on radio1. I can't felp feeling that him and his "witty" chums are going to take over radio 6. The magic of the internet is that I am no longer forced to the radio 1 crowd of DJ training to be a talk show host. For the last hour I have been listening to 3WK Undergroundradio. So far there hasn't been a DJ at all on the show. There are a few adverts, but mostly on a Sunday at least. No DJ at all I am in heaven! I will probably explore some online radio stations.