Sunday, June 25, 2006

simple pleasures

When I told my mother about new flat, her some what casutic comment was that "are you going to have lampshades this time." My first feeling was no way, that doesn't quite hardcore enough. There is nothing like watching the slow movement of a naked electric light bulb in a bleak white washed room to control feeling. As it happens my new flat has lamp shades and that gives the rooms a homely feel that too my surprise I find pleasant. The picture shows that view from my third floor flat. The next picture show another view. Those green things are called trees. When I stare at them it makes me feel restful. In the distance I can see the hills. I know that I can escape to the hills, when I need to free the stess beast. Someone was complaining to me that this blog was "mundane". An online dictionary, tells me that "mundane" means: "Relating to, characteristic of, or concerned with commonplaces; ordinary." Yes, it is an ordinary well adjusted post. Trouble is, at some stage I will get bored and I will slip back into the life of bare knuckle boxing matches and gun running.