Saturday, June 24, 2006


I have been reading the book called "science and creation -- the search for understanding" by John Polkinghorne. John was a theorist at Cambridge, but chucked it in to become some kind of priest. With out wanting to sound mean, the field he was in died with the birth of the standard model, so joining the church was probably a smart move. The book is a mixture of science and theology. I didn't really feel that there was a good synthesis between the physics and theology. The study of theology involves quoting large passages from obsure theology books. If you get in trouble, the writers mumbles somthing about "faith" and then another big quotation. The main thing I learnt was that the moto of the Royal Society of Science is "Nullius in verba". John translates this as "no more talking". I translate John's translation as "shut the fuck up." The latin does sound more classy. The book cost me a pound, because the previous owner had marked it with their questioning pen. For example, the phrase "the anthropic principle" is underlined with the question marks. Pretty good commentary.