Monday, April 17, 2006

a day of nothing

I have spent a lazy day -- just doing nothing. In the morning I hacked out around on the web. I the afternoon playing the a psp2 game grand theft auto. I am going to eat some liver and onions and then go out out to see some bands play at the Liverpool barfly. I also spent part of the afternoon updaying my myspace area. Ok, it sounds an idylic life, but I remain unsatisfied. Perhaps, I am too old for these things. I expect I should have spent the day looking at a tree or perhaps walking up a mountain. My interest in gaming has perhaps a touch of interest in non-linear narritive in the web based electronic medium, but I do get very excited when I run over cops. I am haunted by a charchter in crime and punishment by Dostoevsky. He hung around "the younger crowd" to get some kind of advantage. As my says "you don't want to be the oldest swinger in town".