Saturday, April 08, 2006


While I was killing time around heroes square I saw a sign for "the time wheel". What the f**k is that I thought. So I followed it around the back into the start of the city park. There was certainly a wheel there. Luckily there was a sign to explain it to me. It was a giant hour glass. The sand in the top half slowly filters down to the bottom. It is meant to talk about a year to do this. The wheel probably has a 5 foor radius. Apparently it was build to commerate Hungary joining the EU. It looked cool, but somewhet pointless. Why can't we build, useless, monuments in the UK. We only seem happy to build something that someone can make money out of. We seem to prefer to build Diana's water park, to remind us that the people's princess, was a hopeless sex addict. Even this monument has to be closed, because of all the accidents. I was sort of hoping that that the timewheel could help move forwards or backwards in time.