Saturday, April 08, 2006


I went to my first museum today. This one of the buildings in "heroes square". I originally thought that the buildig was the museuem of agriculture. So I decided to give that one a miss. I began to have doubts about that because a sign above the building had "cool hunters" written on it and there was an art shop in the building. The sign also had a picture of a plump "Myra Hinley" type chick. As, I am not one to pass up an opportunity to be cool, I went in. The only problem I have with modern art is that it usually sucks. Things didn't start well when I went into the room and saw a large number of video screens. Frankly, I find the videos of artists both preticious and terrible. The exhibition was about young people finding their way in the consumer landscape. What I thought were leaflets about the pieces turnned out to be adverts for the computers and terminals. I did actually enjoy many of things there. I wish I had my pen, because there were a number of things I wanted to note down. There are people who use the engines that drive computer games, such as doom or quake, to create films. How come I have never heard of this before? Also, there was a film of some people taking a porsche out for a high speed drive through Stockholm. The ideas was to break as many traffic rules as possible. It was insane. Apparently it is also available on the web somewhere. FRom watching the same screen I could see a loop that played some rap videos where they used porno stars to dance. I am not totally sure what the point of this was, but it works well you watch it at the same time as a porsche drives at high speed through Sweeden. There was another good film of blindfolded children cleaning pistols. Big guns, yeah. In of the rooms there was a loop of five girl bands playing videos. There was also a smoke machine that would sometimes belch out smoke every couple of minutes. One of the bands was from Liverpool. They looked kind of young. I think the band's name was "venus". The film was partly financed by FACT. In fact part of the video looked to set in the coffe shop at the FACT center in Liverpool. One of the good things about modern art is that they don't put much in one room. So even if it sucks you can view it fairly quickly.