Sunday, April 16, 2006


I wanted a night out last Tuesday. So the magic of the web told me I just needed to go to "Korova" bar on woods steet in Liverpool to hear some bands play. This is not a venue I usually go to, but the venue is close to the center of Liverpool. I found the street, and went to a door-staff free bar, However, there was kind of dancing in the pub. I feel more of a loser sitting in a pub drinking a beer while couples are dancing. A bad omen. I found the venue, but the door was locked. There was a big glass window at the front with a closed purple curtain. I could hear sounds of people having fun while I waited outside in the cold. The story of my life really. However, another day came and I got my chance to hear some bands and drink some beer, Last Thursday I went to see the crack zombie gig at Bar fresco. I was actually let into this gig. I listened to some local metal bands.