Friday, April 07, 2006

I think bad thoughts.

I have a terrible admission to make. Do you remember all those TV stories about men bringing women over from Eastern Europe to be their wife. Sometimes, when I am talking to a waitress, I secretly think that they might want to come back with me to the West. However, when I look at the big expensive German cars on the streets and the people are dressed fairly smartly compared to me at least, I think that they are probably happy where they are. In Budapest, they even have bins for dog shit. A city that has time to worry about dog shit on the ground is probably doing ok economically. As far as I can tell I am paying one pound for a beer, so perhaps a better idea is for me to marry some cute Hungarian woman and we can live here. I could perhaps slob out. I can believe that this would not be so appealling. As the title says "I think bad thoughts'.