Friday, April 07, 2006


I am still bitter about this Hungarian wife situation. I have decided to take my revenge. There are some height resrictions in Budapest for how high they can bulld. All buildings should be lower than some famous building that I have already forgotten the name. I have not seen a building bigger than 10 storys. I have decided that I will build the first 40 story skyscraper just to spite them. I will live on the top three foors. I will close one of the famous baths and pump the hot water up to my pool on the top floor. I will then be able to bathe in the hot water and look down on the city. People will look up and know I was there and feel my power and influence. Now that Hungary is part of the EU, the building height restrictions probably contridict some EU directive. Perhaps, these building restrictions hurt my human rights, so could be outlawed in some special way to make me happy. I was going down to one of the cafes close to the parliament building. I could then start the process of getting the approval for my building by buying some rounds of drinks. I have a more cunning plan. My guide books tells me that the Hungarian football team beat England twice around 1955. Things seem to have gone downhill for their football team since then. Although this doesn't mean that they will not beat England again, given Englanf's sporadic form. I think that it is clear that I need this big building to help the Hungarian team beat the English team and win the European football championship, in some way that I believe, but can't prove. Anyway everyone has been very nice to me here, so my dreams of creating huge skyscraper in the center of Budapest is just mean and ungratefull.