Saturday, April 08, 2006

SEcond thoughts

As I was walking to the hotel, I suddenly thought that discussing Hungarian politics, while I was actualy in Hungary was probably not wise. Even though Hungary is a democracy, I doubt that people would be pleaseed to hear that a guest to the country described one of their political leaders as someone who looks like he would weld an iron bar. I have been on the look out for a black mercadez car filed with people in leather jackets and shades. Although, I doubt that the Hungarian readership of this blog is so large, I did suddenly worry that I had left the blog page open at the cyber cafe. I could be carried way to a house. Some old guys would look happy to be able to put on their black steel lined gloves agaian. "I have note word these since 1989". Tony Blair would have to intervene to get me released. Even, as I bled and screamed my way through the plane journey back to the UK, honest Tony would be giving press conferences, about even though I had said seom bad things about hime personally, I was still a British citerzin and hence had the protection of Her Magercities goverment. The press would put a picture of me spewing blood and teeth out as I got off the plane under the headline "The idiot returns". Yes, better to say nothing. The weather here is nice and warm. It has not rained fro two days. Life is sweet.