Friday, April 07, 2006

Wednesday evening

I was not very impressed at the sites I saw of Budapest as we drove from the airport. The city did not look as run down as the outskirts of Moscow do. It was very green nnd there were the familar signs of neon for Macdonalds and chains of similar US origin. Did I mention that Budapest looked very green? As I went for a stroll outsidethe hotel it was raining. Places with green lucushous vegatation get a lot of rain. For my stroll on my first night at Budapest, i went left on the big road next to the big chrch. Everything looked a bit dark and drab. Not many shops around. I thought I must be a long away from the center of the city. There were some bars, but they seemed full of drunken crazy local people, and I was too cowardly to go in. I did pluck up courage to get a cheap chinese meal. When I go to a country where I can not speak he language, I always worry that I will starve, because the locals can or will not understand me. I also worry about money, as I am cutt of my gaurdians in he hole in wall. After, I had eaten my chinse meal, I knew I would not starve and my money was good in this city. Now I just needed to know where I was.