Friday, April 07, 2006


I started my holiday by walking down to the Danube river. It took some time, but there were lots of interesting buildings to look at and no one gave me any crap. There are fewer beggers and general insane people in Budapest, When I got to the river I noticed that all the enterances to the boats were underwater. Where boats, I mean floating restaurants. This seemed strange. Coming from LIverpool, I just thought that this was a way of stopping people boarding the boats and stealling all the booze. Later I learnt that the Danube river has actually floaded. Most of the prominade is under water. I was told that this is the highest tide since records were first made. It makes the river front more serene because it has stopped the traffic a bit. The roads of Buadapest are full of cars, but the drivers are not as super fast as the speed freaky London driving crew.