Friday, April 07, 2006


The MSZP is the new name for the scocialist party that used to run the country until the early 90s. I like the leaders face. I would vote for them, He has a kind of smart and casual face. He would be the kind of friend who gave good advice, but when needed would go round to you enemies face and threaten to mangle him with an iron bar. He doesn't look too crooked, but I was told he is the 83rd wealthist man in Hngary. Apparently, he did very well out of privatation of Hungary assets. He compares very favourbly to Tony Blair, who obly manage to saddle his party with ten million pounds worth of debt to fund the new labour spin machine. I doubt that slimy Tony would ever go round to a friend's house and threaten them with an iron bar. I think that makes him a worse leader than the leader of the MSZP party, So good luck to the people of Hungary for the election. It won't change anything, but if it makes you feel better, then hey. The tour guide on the bus told us that Education is free in Hungary to the University level. How elitist! Hungary will have to learn the freemarket ways of England and start charging.