Thursday, March 08, 2012

Veggie death

 On being poisoned

I was poisoned at work today in the Cafeteria. A couple of people told me it is important to have a few meat free days every week. In the same conversation I couldn't remember when I had a day when I had not eaten meat. I am not hard core about this. I don't start the day with a burger, much as I want to.

After passing my German exam on Wednesday, I totally failed to order a pork stir fry and ended up with the vegetarian stir fry instead, so I was poisoned. I felt weak and hungry all afternoon. I had to eat a big can of tuna to recover.

It used to be that vegetarians were thought to be  bunch of flower hugging hippies, but suddenly vegetarianism is main  stream. They should be forced to eat in a different building, so as not to corrupt the food of us meat eaters. I need my strength.