Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Picaso, waffles and fries ...

Second full day in Bruges

I started the day by eating Waffles at a little store in train station. Then I went into the center with a bus, and ate some fries purchased from a little store in the markt area. I think I went a bit wild with eating fries in Bruges, because today I didn't feel like Pomme Frittes for lunch.

I then wandered around the city for a while, just looking at the nice buildings and rivers.

I then went into an exhibition of Picasso's (and Joan Miro) work. Picasso painted a lot, so there were many paintings and it was interesting to see his change of styles. I also liked the fact that he was always learning and talking to new people.

I can now see why people steal paintings so that they can look at them alone. There were not too many people in the gallery but they seemed to get in my way.

Picaso managed abstraction with out painting stuff that required no skill.