Sunday, March 04, 2012

Love and cartoons

On love

I had a major panic attack this morning. I turned the TV on, but found no cartoons. How could I wake up properly with no cartoons, but with just lots of cups tea. There were TV programs, but normally there are cartoons -- this has been true for all the four countries I have lived in. However after I had a shower, I saw that spider man was on the TV -- so all was well.

Perhaps I need someone in my life to shake me out of my boring life. About a week ago I was talking to a female in neighbour in the lift. After she realized how bad my German was, she started talking to me in English. She told me that it was bad that I had to walk through a forest to get to my home. She cares, I thought, how sweet. I don't think she was telling me that I was a loser because I don't have a car. I tried to explain that I liked the spirit of the forest, but I expect I came across as a nerdy boy doesn't talk to chicks much. Perhaps I will never see her again. I have already forgotten what floor she got out of.

So you can see why I need to see cartoons on Sunday morning to get me out of bed.