Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Dreams and exam stress

I finally have the final part of my exam in German today, so it is interesting to record my dreams. Also I didn't drink any alcohol last night so my dreams were vivid.

I was walking into a room. I turned around and a figure in a brown cloak was sneaking up on me. I turned around and just managed to get a reasonable elbow shot in, when I woke up. After some reflection, I think the figure was based on the evil person in the dreams in the film "Minority Report."

When I was in another dream I was around a swimming pool. Somehow I had a database of past loves. Although you might start to worry that I am stalking women, it is actually much sadder than that. I was worried about the design of the database. It didn't use sql, but used some associative array data structures in PERL. Somehow the poor design of my database resulted in me losing contact information with women.

My conclusion. I should have taken the online course from MIT on databases, if I really am serious for looking for love. Also I need to work on my martial awareness and combat techniques.