Monday, March 19, 2012

My love affair with the guillotine

Museums are not always boring when they contain an instrument of death

I looking through my guide book for something to do that didn't involve beer or reading. One of the museums, called Gruuthuse , looked a boring -- until I got to the sentence that stated that there was a guillotine there. I put down the book and started running (perhaps a fast limp is a better description).

It took a while to find the museum, because it was hidden away. The museum was a meant to show the life in Bruges in the past, which is something I am not too interested in. I am wise enough to know that the staff will think me a bit weird, if after buying a ticket, I just say, "so where is the fucking guillotine?" I rapidly toured the first floor of the building, but couldn't find it.
It turned out to be in the first room, but just standing in the corner. Personally I would get rid of the other stuff in the building and just keep the guillotine well lit.

I was starting at the guillotine ans was just starting to think about life, death, and justice. A family came in starting at looking at the stuff in the room. One of the children went off and started to explore the guillotine on their own. I was just thinking, this might not end well. Then the rest of thye family came over. The father explained to the children, who I think were around 10, what the  guillotine was for, in an educational way.

Sane well adjusted people take all the fun out of visiting museums.

I then took some pictures. I got told off in a museum in Vienna when I tried to take pictures of the car that Franz Ferdinand was shot in, which was the event that started the first world war. I had turned the flash off, so I was worried when I took the pictures, because it was gloomy in there.

I didn't realize how high the guillotine was.