Monday, March 05, 2012

Passport blues

New Passport

If you were to hide a hidden camera near the postbox in my flat. Everyday you would see a per son open his mail box with a look of hope, but then start to cry when he saw emptiness. That person would be me,  because I am waiting for my new passport. Why do I need a new passport? Well for a holiday of course and my old one has run out. I have been nervous, in case there were some problems (like me not filling in a form correctly.)

Or perhaps the seditious thoughts expressed as on this blog.

Passports are now sent from the UK to the address in Germany, but I had to apply to an office in Dusseldorf. When I saw the DHL letter, I was at first excited, because I thought it was my new passport, but then I saw DUS on the letter. I though that is just my old passport being sent back from Dusseldorf. But when I opened there was my new passport -- all shiny and new, all ready to send me to new far flung lands.