Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More pictures seen in Bruges

On the Flemish primatives

After my life changing viewing of the pictures in the Arentshaus, I thought I would finally find the famous Groeningenmuseum, because according to the map it was close. After sometime I found it and realized I had passed it many times.

It was a modern museum with 6 centuries of paintings, the most famous of which are those by the Flemish primitives. The colors were amazing and luckily they were not all about religous subjects.
Below is part of "the judgement of cambyses" by Gerad David -- an early zombie flick painting.

The gallery was arranged by time. The BBC recently had a great adaptation of the Mountains of Madness by HP Lovecraft. This had explorers in a mountain in the Artic looking at the pictures of the "great old ones". At some stage the pictures degenerate with time as the race loses it. I was reminded of this as I entered the modern abstract art part at the end of the gallery.  I am no conservative, but where does art go after Damien Hirst.