Friday, March 09, 2012

Mug wars

The mystery of the broken mugs

What the fuck! I wanted a coffee so I poured hot water on the powder. Ten seconds later the mug imploded. What are the chances of that? Actually pretty high, because the same thing happened last week with a cup of tea. Why are all my mugs exploding. I think it might be due to some plot by the CIA. They know I drink a lot of tea. They are trying to assassinate me with exploding mugs, before I start to do something important in my life, such as err. Of course the other possibility is that the Euro shop sell cheap shit mugs, Another possibility is that I wake in the middle of night and start throwing mugs around, while I sleep. I am more worried about this reason, than the CIA is out to get me. Being an enemy of the CIA is heroic, but throwing mugs around while I sleep is just stupid.