Thursday, March 01, 2012

I am not James Bond

On being a secret agent

I awoke last night for a toilet break. I thought, wow I have not had any dreams. When I fell asleep I dreamed that I was a secret agent. I have managed to forget the first part of the dream, but later in the dream I was in a taxi that was travelling towards a museum, where a secret organisation was based. At the museum, I was quickly identified, and I got into two fights, both of which I lost badly. My secret equipment was found and stolen.

Later my partner arrived and saved me. My equipment cam back by teleportation. At the end of the dream I was a supermarket, where I borrowed the keys of one of members of the Wuppertal theory group, who was working there part time. I accidentally took the keys  hope with me.

It seemed a very middle dream about special agents. I also see I think I am a special agent, rather than a secret agent -- no wonder that i got caught so quickly.