Sunday, March 18, 2012

Salvador Dali

So after surviving the lack of breakfast trial, I was ready to do some hard core tourist stuff. I was in the markt area and there was museum for Salvador Dali. When I was between 16 and 23 I was interested in surrealism, but when paranoia and madness became the normality of my normal life, I lost interest somewhat. But still I like Dali I thought.

It was a small museum but still very interesting. I didn't realize that Dali had dome so many book illustration.  He had done pictures for books such as Alice in Wonderland and Venus in Furs. Dali was both a good painter and drawer as well as good at self promotion. A lot of his work was based on philosophy or ideas

There were a lot of mirror in the museum and that freaked me out. I was a bit unsure of reality.