Sunday, April 29, 2012

From Poland to Russia with ice cold Wodka

According to google the country with the largest readership of this blog is Russia. I have no idea why this is so. However to celibate this I have switched from drinking Polish Vodka to Russian Vodka. I found the Polish Vodka to be really tasty, because it is blended with herbs. The one time I did try Vodka in Poland I ended up drinking something that looked and tasty like cough medicine.

When I looked at the bottle I saw Julich -- a nearby German town. This made me think that it wasn't really a Russian Vodka at all, but the web site claims that the Vodka is made in Russia but bottled in Germany. I personally keep the Vodka bottle in the fridge or freezer box. In English pubs the Vodka is kept in bottles on the wall and that means it is not so cold. I don't like adding ice to Vodka.

Perhaps my Russian readers will be unhappy that I think of Vodka when I think of Russia. I have never seen a Russian friend drink Vodka.