Saturday, April 21, 2012

A week of burgers

I have been a bad boy. In fact I have been a very bad boy. In the University Mensa (cafe) they have a station that serves up market food. Normally it serves fish or some nice meat and rice, but this last week was Burger Woche.  Everyday there was  1/2 Lb burger on sale in a different style.

I ate a burger very day, much to the disgust of my co-workers, who wanted to go to other places on the campus. I would gobble down 1/2 LB of meat, then feel ill for the rest of day, until about 18:00, when I would start ti get hungry again.

This is what I ate

  • Hamburger Greek-Style" mit Zwiebeln, Feta, Oliven, Salat
  •  Burger "Nacho Macho" mit knusprigen Nacho-Strips, Sour Cream
  •  Giant Burger - Mexican Feeling mit Guacamole Jalapenos
  • "Farmerburger" mit Bacon, lauwarmem Kartoffelsalat, Sour Cream
I think I ate the Nacho burger twice. Eating a burger on Friday was a struggle, but as it had bacon as well -- it had to be done.

my favourite burger is Greek style!

I was worried that after my gluttony I would gain weight, but I was still 89 kgs, when I weighed myself yesterday. I decided that I would eat mostly fish over the weekend. I am all burgered out....