Saturday, April 07, 2012

Celebrate Easter by stealing booze in Germany

It seems like a tradition in Germany to try and steal from supermarkets over the Easter period. I was waiting to pay for my purchases. I let one woman go infron of me, because she was only only buying a bottle of booze. I saw that the man behind me had no stuff to buy. He waited patiently. When I was paying, he walked past me to the door. The cashier, who I believe is the manager didn't notice. On Thursday, the same person jumped up and caught someone who walked out of the store with a backpack after not paying for any goods.

Of course I don't know whether they guy on Saturday was actually stealing anything, but the lesson I have learned is that it is better to wait patiently -- rather than to push though the cashier area.

I have read steal this book  but this didn't contain any tips for stealing booze from supermarkets.

I have always thought that after speaking with beggars in the street, that they are all using the same technique Perhaps there is some secret book that that they all read.  Amazon don't sell it though. And typing "begging" into the search box, I just found a book "begging for demon cock". So perhaps I should write my own book on "how to beg" as this will surely be popular in Tory England. And given the way my career is going ....