Sunday, April 15, 2012

Philip K. Dick, the Exegesis, and me

Ok I admit it, I like to sometimes read science fiction. Some people think that readers of science fiction are nerds who can't relate to normal people, because they dream more about spaceships, than buying a bigger car.

The Philip K. Dick fans are  an even stranger  breed, for they are surely mad, paranoid, like drugs and weapons.  WHY ARE YOU WATCHING ME? Even with the tin foil of the soul I am still naked to your eyes.

I was amused to see that there is a book about a robot head of Philip K Dick. Of course at the end it was stolen, but that is not insane enough for me. Where is the robot head of Philip K. Dick. Perhaps if I find it, it will spin me takes of untold riches, or the ultimate equations of the Universe. Perhaps t
should dedicate my life to finding this robot head.

On the BBC there is currently a great adaptation of do androids dreams of electric sheep, the Dick novel that was the basis of blade runner. You really see Decker breaking down.

I read an introduction to a set of stories of Philip K. Dick, that was written by Spielberg. He rightly said that one of the reasons that there are many films of Dick novels and stories was because the hero in many of his stories were all regular Joes.

In the end perhaps he went a bit crazy, he spent a lot of time writing The Exegesis. This was a series of writings where he tried to make sense of a religious experience he had in 1974. I am not sure that I am interested enough to try and read The Exegesis, particularly after listening to the video clip  below, that is thought provoking but mostly insane.