Saturday, April 14, 2012

I am 1 kg less fat

I think my scales are playing weird mind games with me. Although I have been walking up and down stairs and steps all week -- I still feel fairly bloated. I also ate some chocolate as well, that I had got in Bruges.

I was trying to remember when I could fit into trousers with 34 inch waist. I think it must have been in Liverpool. When I first lived in Liverpool I was doing a lot of martial arts (although very poorly) so I was fairly fit for me at least. When I broke my ankle I stopped working out as much and started to get fatter. I used to get Tesco to deliver food. The nice ladies who answered the phone and took my order were very good at selling me two for one beer and cakes deals. When I started teaching at Liverpool I was under such stress that I stopped going to the gym or doing boxercise. I sort of wish I had done something about my weight when it was starting to increase. What I have discovered is that all the junk food I was eating was not good mr.

Anyway I am now finally 89 kgs. My goal at the start of year was to be 88 kgs in mid March, but I clearly didn't make that goal. I am not sure how I lost weight in the last week, but I am more motivated to climb more steps and hills next week.

To celebrate I will have a couple of beers later.