Thursday, April 12, 2012

An evening with my phone

I was so tired yesterday that in the evening I just played with my phone and then went to bed early (for me at least), so I was ready to dream. I also read in the guardian about an I phone app that claims to be able to influence your dreams.

I suddenly though if I combined a quark propagator with peroidic boundary fields with a quark field with anitperoidic boundary conditions in time, I would get some kind of SUSY meson. I then woke up to real world and decided this idea was clearly wrong. So I am not going to get any ideas that will win any Nobel prizes.

Last I dreamed about a guy who wanted to get rid of his cat. I suggested taking the cat to someone who works with cats and let them give it away. He was very suspicious of me, as if it was just a way for mee to sleep with the woman who works with cats.