Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Barmenia scandal in Wuppertal

One of the Germans at work sometimes taunts me by saying "what does the UK make". This is actually a difficult question to answer, particularly as I can  never remember which companies are still owned or controlled by people in the UK. (Don't worry dear readers, I am planning on an England wine tasting session after I have imported some wine from the UK. Punishment with style!).

Near where I live is a big office block for Barmenia. I thought great, perhaps the German manufacturing success will rub off on me, because I live so close. However when I  look on the web, I see it is just a company providing services such as insurance.

So the Germans are hiding their manufacturing plants. One day the UK will be the "workshop of the world" again. Well OK, it is not clear how that is going to happen.