Sunday, April 22, 2012

My nightmare with Will Smith

Before I went to sleep last night I watched in German a bit of  "The Dark Night" on TV. Somehow I think this was the reason I had really bad dreams last night.

I dreamed I was watching a Will Smith comedy.  It was based on him being a new father. he would sleep in his bed with his baby (in a normal way), but he would always hold documents. The baby would accidently modify the documents and fun things would happen.

One time the baby modified some papers and Will went to the wrong graduation day. On the correct day, it was raining and there were a few people there. People were ringing up to try and find out wher he was. Also somehow someone added a picture of his mother to a tree with the pictures of women who had died of cancer. Note his mother was not dead. Fun fun, fun.

Also the baby changed some documents so that Will promised to buy a house. Also some of his friends also ended up promising to buy houses without their knowledge, because of Will's baby's scripplings.
The situation was being discovered when I woke up.

On on hand I am bitter that Hollywood has brainwashed me so that I dream of Will Smith.
On the other hand it looks that I have the basis of a typical Hollywood romantic comedy. Perhaps I should move out there to make my fortune?