Thursday, April 05, 2012

Stealing from a supermarket

 The thief

The shops were very busy today. I was buying some food after work, but there were many big queues in all the stores. I mostly shop in the Kaufpark supermarket that is close to the University.  While I was waiting to pay for my stuff. A man was trying to get pass me pass the cashier. I politely let the guy by. Suddenly another cashier jumps up and grabs the guy trying to get out. He then asked to look in his bag, after seeing the contents of the bag he took the guy into his office.

Wow there is crime in Germany I thought. If I had been grabbed I might have struggled, but this guy just calmly was led into the office.

It reminded me of the time in Liverpool, when two guys left a supermarket to have a fight over who was going to take the last shopping basket.