Monday, June 04, 2012

On Royality

Because I was ill today I downloaded some short books, one of which was "The Monarchy: A Critique of Britain's Favourite Fetish" by the late Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens destroys all the standard arguments for the Monarchy. The issue of political neutrality of the Royal family will be ab issue when Prince Charles becomes King, given his views on alternative medicine.

Hitchens mentioned a really vicious obituary of the George IV King. As he notes we will never see an obituary like that..

I know it is the Queen's Jubilee celebrations this weekend and a lot of people are having fun. During the last celebration of the Royal rule 10 years ago, I was at a  school in Russia. I was sitting in a hotel room watching the crowds wave flags in London. I kept thinking why were they supporting this old fashion institution. And then concorde and the red arrows flew over London. I got up and said "God bless the queen."

At the end of the book Hitchens asks whether you want to be a subject or a citizen?