Sunday, June 10, 2012

Physics for Future Presidents

I have just read "Physics for Future Presidents" by Richard A. A. Muller. This was a really great popular book on physics. As with many other people I am not happy with so many popular physics books about cosmology and super high energy physics. This book was great, because it explained the basic physics behind many important policy issue. The topics covered were: terrorism, space, energy (oil, coal) and global warming. There science behind each of the topics was explained in a proper hand way physics way.

One of things I worry about is energy supply after the oil runs out, but Muller made me feel positive for the future.

I was slightly annoyed to see him write that the US shared its nuclear secrets with the UK during the war. Did the UK and US collaborate to create a bomb. It would be good to have a similar book that explains the science issues behind policy decisions, with a more European slant.