Tuesday, June 05, 2012

My friend Thongor

In many bookshops there is a section for science fiction and fantasy. That is like putting gasoline and fire together. Us hard science fiction types look down on those people who like fantasy books. As soon as you start reading fantasy, very shortly you are playing dungeons and dragons, and speaking elfish.

Tolkien has a lot to answer for!

Having said while I was thinking about Conan, I remember when I was younger reading stories about Lemuria In fact the main time that I was reading these stories was when my cousin's father had died in a car accident. We were staying in New Market, while the funeral was sorted out. After some searching on Amazon I found that the books dealt with a character called Thongor. All the books on Thongor seem to be out of date. In fact there are many books on Lemuria at Amazon but they all seem to be more to do with New Age type hippy madness.

As wikipedia notes a lot of the Thongor stories are derivative, so perhaps I don't need to revisit them.