Saturday, June 02, 2012

Retraining to be English

So one of things I wanted to do on my holiday in the sunny South of England, was to recalibrate my English identity. When you live abroad for a while, many things change and if you don't keep up with the slang and jargon you become an outsider. So below are some areas where I need to work on more, so that I fit in.

I was in a small Tesco Express in Bristol. There were no people at the tills, but everyone was using the automatic tills. I have never used automatic tills before. All I wanted was 80 tea bags. After 5 minutes I got the machine to scan the tea bags, but there was no coin slot, so I had to use the  cashier who had suddenly appeared. I need to practice more with automatic tills.

One of my complaints about German food is that it is not spicy enough. The very few times that I have been in an Indian restaurant in Germany I have tried the Vindaloo curry, but it has never been too
spicy. When I was staying in Notting Hill Gate in London I spent a long time looking for an Indian Restaurant. There has clearly been too much immigration, if I can't get the national food of Britain, a curry. I did find an empty curry house close to my hotel. But even then the Vindaloo curry in London was not very spicy. Perhaps I have destroyed my taste buds with too many chillies.