Sunday, June 17, 2012


Last night I watched Haywire on Itunes. This was an atmospheric action move, the star of which was a woman.  The fight and chase scenes were all fast and exciting. The heroine was a very good fighter with both good punching and kicking, but also her ground work looked highly functional as well. Although she didn't always pick stable positions to choke people out.

As a number of people have noted the ending was a bit lame. The film just seemed to stop. I thought her dad would do something clever and cool, but he didn't. Although perhaps the beer and Ouzo that I had drunk, made me confused. Umm, I see now that I watched it again, it made more sense, but still it was a rushed ending.

She didn't have a lot of luck with men. She would be chatting with them one moment and the next they would be hitting her. What a lot of sneaky guys! I have wanted to date a woman whio is handy with their elbows, so she would be perfect. It is a pity she likes wine though.