Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My tribute to Alan Turing

So I see a lot of stuff about celebrating the life of Alan Turing. I have always wanted to better understand ideas such as "Turing Complete."

When I was at University I read a book called "The Enigma of Intelligence." This was a book about the life of Alan Turing, who is famous for breaking Nazi code and developing computer science. I like computer and maths and things, so why would I not like this book.

I read the book around the late 90s or late 80s. What shocked me most was that Turing was gay. In those times, there was less exposure to the life of a gay person -- apart from as a figure of fun or ridicule. Ok one of our neighbours was gay, but there wasn't Torchwood on the telly. Things are more civilized now. Turing was charged for being a homosexual and was chemically treated. He might of killed himself, because of that

Anyway there are campaigns to get him pardoned, but a better idea would be for Alan Turing to feature in a Dr. Who episode!