Friday, June 01, 2012

I love Linda Wallander

Taking a break from my notes of my holiday in the South of England, because I want to talk about TV. On Wednesday evening around 11:00 there is a crime TV program on WDR station in this part of Germany. I really like the Tatort program, but perhaps I will post about that at a different time.

However, sometimes they show an episode from Wallander -- usually from the series made in Sweden. I like this show, but fuck there is too much countryside and Forests. This criminal drama is well acted, but all that grass freaks me out. I was watching the daughter of Wallander. She started out looking  sensible and wholesome, but as the series has progressed she is starting to looking messed up.

I remember a documentary, where they said that the actress who played Linda Wallander committed suicide. Now that I check the web, I see that she did kill her self. It is so sad, she was so beautiful.