Monday, January 14, 2013

A visit to Lisbon castle

Thursday in Lisbon started badly. My man flu gave me a coughing fit that got worse and worse until I nearly threw up. I had eaten the night before, so my stomach felt OK, but coughing is coughing.

I decided to go to the castle. I had seen it on top of the steep hill. I could have got there by public transport, but hey man it is not a proper holiday, unless I suffer a bit.
After much weezing I made it to the back entrance of the castle. A nice security guard explained to me and a guy from Brazil how to get to the main entrance. I was so tired when I got to the main entrance I drank a coffee, served by two surely woman at a cafe near the entrance

The castle had great view of Lisbon. I walked around. I am not of these people, who hate noisy children, but I have noticed that many young children are bored by tourist stuff. They would  much rather be playing on the beach, rather than visiting a Moorish caste in Lisbon. One mother had solved the boredom problem by walking her child on the edge of the castle walls. I am just saying that it would have been bad if the kid had fallen -- I know his mum was holding his hand, but it didn't look safe to me. But I am not a parent so what do I know.

I walked up some steep steps to the battlement of the castle. I then started worrying how I was going to get down the steep steps with out falling and smashing my skull in.
Anyway I did  the tourist thing and looked at the even better view. I did get down the wet steps with no problems.

After I had done the castle thing I walked down the hill and started to hunt up some food. I wanted some grilled sardines I didn't pick a good place, because the boiled potatoes were essentially inedible, because they had not been cooked well enough. The Sardines were good and tasty. This time they were grilled. At the end of the mail I ordered a brandy and espresso. I am pretty sophisticated, because I now drink a brandy after my meal. I discovered that they don't give a single measure when you order a brandy. I guess they think that the extra booze will help oil a good tip.

The large beer and brandy took their effect so I just wondered around after that. There is an elevator to a viewing platform that perhaps I should have queued for, but I had already walked up a big fucking hill to a castle that was much higher, so I thought why bother?

The sun had tried the seat enough so I could sit. I read abut the early history of Portugal on my kindle. I wandered around a bit more. In the past couple of days I had not seen any bars in the area, but now my mind was better tuned. I found a small place that served the cherry brandy (Ginjinha). The waiter didn't speak any English, but he understood what I wanted. I found the Ginjinha to be very tasty. I only had one, but I will drink this again.

One of the guidebooks I had said positive things about the HARD Rock cafe in Lisbon. Umm. I went in for a beer. The staff were friendly, but it took a while get served.
I sat at the bar. The rock video were really doing my head in. I don't normally watch that many music videos. I do of course watch Youtube for music. There was a video with some white guys rapping about being cowboys in a very non-interesting way. Later there was a video with some beautiful women singing in a music video. This was not live music, but just here using with some probably gay attractive male friend. What made me laugh was that she played the harmonica at the start of the set. She was some kind of low energy Madonna clone. They still seem to be spending a lot of money on music videos, but boy is the music very wimp assed shit.

After that I took the metro back to my hotel room. I washed "The Dude" on TV and drank another can of beer.